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Safe, Fast & Easy Mapping of Underground Hard Rock Mines

Safe, Fast & Easy Mapping of Underground Hard Rock Mines Mining and regional stresses make underground mines high-risk environments for personnel, equipment, and infrastructure. Measuring and monitoring cavity conditions are [...]

20+ Ways to Use Hovermap

Discover 20+ of Hovermap’s many data capture applications across a wide range of industries. Hovermap is a mobile LiDAR mapping solution designed for challenging GPS-denied environments. Uniquely versatile, Hovermap’s scanning [...]

Hovermap Accuracy

Hovermap achieves ±5 millimetre accuracy in handheld scan Lightweight, easy to use and deploy, the versatile Emesent Hovermap mobile LiDAR scanner is changing the way that people think about the [...]

Stope Mapping with Hovermap

Map stopes in minutes Hovermap enables data capture of critical underground mine excavations, delivering new insights for mine planning and operations. With Hovermap, mine and geotechnical engineers can easily map [...]

Emesent’s distributor UAS Inc demonstrates the various use cases for Hovermap in underground mining.

Building mapping and facade inspection using Hovermap.

Watch how Hovermap was deployed to inspect and assess the damage of a seismic earthquake.

Learn how Hovermap quickly, safely and easily maps underground mine stopes.

Learn about Autonomy Level 2 for Hovermap.

The team at Halo Robotics, a distributor of Hovermap, scan the world’s 3rd tallest statue.