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Case Study: Glencore Kidd Operations Stope Mapping

How Emesent Hovermap technology is helping Glencore improve its understanding of stope conditions at the Kidd Operations mine site. Kidd Operations mine in Ontario, Canada, operates at depths below 3,000 [...]

Case Study: Glencore Kidd Operations Convergence Monitoring

Improving convergence and ground control monitoring at Glencore's Kidd Operations Creek Operations with Emesent Hovermap. At Glencore’s Kidd Operations, the geotech team rely on data captured with Hovermap to inform [...]

Case Study: Grass Valley Center for the Arts Optimizes Operations with Hovermap

Hovermap provides Grass Valley Center for the Arts great insights after a new renovation and valuable data for future renovations. The Grass Valley Center for the Arts is a multi-use [...]

20+ Ways to Use Hovermap in Underground Mining

Underground mines see savings on equipment and consultancy services with Hovermap’s versatility providing multiple applications. Hovermap's capability to reduce safety risks for personnel and equipment, and improve mining efficiency, comes [...]


Improving Convergence Monitoring Using LiDAR Data at Rio Tinto's Argyle Diamond Mine Hovermap mobile LiDAR scanner improves safety and areal coverage in convergence monitoring. In December 2019, Rio Tinto engaged [...]

How Dwkya Mining Services is using Hovermap to scan and manage open cast voids

In November 2020, Emesent partner Dwyka Mining Services was contracted to assess the geometry and volume of a cavity that was exposed in a client’s open pit, following surface blasting. [...]

Case Study: Evolution Mining

How Emesent Hovermap technology helped Evolution Mining improve its stope design and reconciliation process at Mungari gold mine In March 2020, Evolution’s survey team purchased Hovermap to map stopes. However, [...]

Case Study: BHP’s Olympic Dam Mine

How mobile LiDAR data delivers better outcomes at BHP’s Olympic Dam mine BHP’s Olympic Dam mine was an early adopter of Hovermap. First deployed in Feb 2019 to map stopes, [...]

How Emesent Hovermap technology helped Petra Diamonds save millions

Petra Diamonds save millions in remediation costs at its Finsch Mine. Finsch mine management needed an accurate condition assessment of an orepass to help them decide between remediation, to repair [...]

Case Study: LKAB Kiruna Seismic Event Inspections

Emesent Hovermap technology helps LKAB complete fall of ground inspections quickly and safely at Kiruna mine. Swedish mining company LKAB mines and processes iron ore for the global steel market. [...]

Case Study: Pertamina Balongan Refinery Data Capture

Emesent Hovermap technology helps Pertamina safely survey a bulk oil storage tank at the Balongan refinery. Indonesian national energy company Pertamina produces and processes oil and gas for the domestic [...]

Stope Mapping with Hovermap

Map stopes in minutes Hovermap enables data capture of critical underground mine excavations, delivering new insights for mine planning and operations. With Hovermap, mine and geotechnical engineers can easily map [...]

Use Case: Vertical Infrastructure

Mapping Vertical Infrastructure - Hovermap in Underground Mines Vertical infrastructure, orepasses, shafts, and raises, can be difficult, dangerous, and costly to scan. With Hovermap, it’s now possible to capture data [...]

White Paper: Georeferencing Hovermap Point Clouds using ‘Best Fit’ Sphere Registration in CloudCompare

Accuracy Evaluation: Georeferencing Hovermap Point Clouds using ‘Best Fit’ Sphere Registration in CloudCompare Lightweight and easy to deploy, the Emesent Hovermap LiDAR scanning system is opening new opportunities to quickly [...]

Safe, Fast & Easy Mapping of Underground Hard Rock Mines

Safe, Fast & Easy Mapping of Underground Hard Rock Mines Mining and regional stresses make underground mines high-risk environments for personnel, equipment, and infrastructure. Measuring and monitoring cavity conditions are [...]

20+ Ways to Use Hovermap

Discover 20+ of Hovermap’s many data capture applications across a wide range of industries. Hovermap is a mobile lidar mapping solution designed for challenging GPS-denied environments. Uniquely versatile, Hovermap’s scanning [...]

Paper: BHP Olympic Dam use mobile drone LiDAR for structural data collection and analysis

Abstract This paper discusses the process of acquiring and preparing drone-based LiDAR data for geomechanics and explores the spatial and structural relationship between drone data and window mapping for implementation [...]

Overview of mobile lidar use underground

Mobile LiDAR for underground geomechanics This paper details the background to how mobile mapping technology has been introduced into underground mining geomechanics. The hardware and processing limitations are discussed with [...]

Hovermap Accuracy

Hovermap achieves ±5 millimetre accuracy in walking scan Lightweight, easy to use and deploy, the versatile Emesent Hovermap mobile LiDAR scanner is changing the way that people think about the [...]

Hovermap helps XM2 PURSUIT bring blockbusters to the silver screen.

XM2 PURSUIT Special Effects XM2 PURSUIT are experts in aerial cinematography for the film and television and commercial industries. For VFX work, they capture data to develop highly accurate 3D [...]

How UDM Group reduced capture from days to hours.

Emesent’s distributor UAS Inc demonstrates the various use cases for Hovermap in underground mining.

Mining More Efficiently in OZ Minerals Carrapateena copper mine.

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Building mapping and facade inspection using Hovermap.

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Hovermap detects 1mm wires.

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