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Smarter Lidar Technology for Infrastructure & AEC: better data, greater insights

Webinar on using Hovermap for data capture and analysis of infrastructure and construction projects, featuring Eric Bennett from EROCK, Bill Gutelius from Qntfi, Scott Harrigan from Harkin and Michael Quan […]

Hovermap: Enabling Autonomous LiDAR Mapping in Challenging, Inaccessible Areas

In this webinar hosted by Commercial UAV News, we will provide an overview of Hovermap and show use cases from various industries including underground mining, infrastructure, survey and mapping.

Using Hovermap data in Deswik.AdvSurvey

Stephen Rowles, Survey Product Manager at Deswik, Matt Jones, Hovermap & Deswik user at Evolution Mining, and Dr. Stefan Hrabar, Emesent CEO and Co-Founder will cover the process and benefits […]

Using Hovermap data for mining and BHP Olympic Dam case study

Our panellists from BHP Olympic Dam and UAS Inc. discuss how Hovermap data is used in underground applications, including to calculate stope volumes, overbreak/underbreak, geotechnical structure mapping.

Deploying and operating Hovermap in underground and GPS-denied environments

Our panellists from BHP Olympic Dam and UAS Inc. discuss in detail the various deployment options of Hovermap for underground mining as well as the typical use cases of these […]

Hovermap for Forestry

Find out how Hovermap solves the problem of data capture in challenging under canopy forestry environments

Hovermap – Overview and use cases

Overview of Hovermap and its revolutionary applications in the Mining, Infrastructure and Survey & Mapping industries.

Autonomy Level 2

Emesent CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Stefan Hrabar and Product Manager, Peter Dickinson will dive deep into the key features and getting set up and using Autonomy Level 2 for Hovermap.