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EROCK improves data capture in infrastructure and construction

Eric Bennett, President and Founder of EROCK LLC, shares how they reduce time on site, keep away from hazards and capture accurate data with Hovermap. Their projects include inspecting dam [...]

Better Data and Greater Insights for AEC

Hear from three data capture experts how they have improved their workflows for their construction and infrastructure projects. They discuss how better data capture methods lead to better outputs, including [...]

Building a more accurate BIM with Hovermap

Hovermap customers talk about how they are able to reduce their time on site and capture high quality colorized point clouds for AEC bid jobs, facility management, floor plans, and [...]

Using Hovermap data in Maptek PointStudio

Capturing, processing and applying data from inaccessible areas is now easier than ever thanks to the partnership between Maptek PointStudio and Emesent Hovermap. Find out how to capture data from [...]

How Barrick’s Kibali and Bulyanhulu gold mines use Hovermap for stope mapping

Emesent partners, Dwyka Mining Services and Unmanned Aerial Services demonstrated Hovermap at Kibali by flying a 150m high stope in May 2019.  The Barrick survey teams needed to accurately assess [...]

BHP’s Olympic Dam mine: improving stope design and efficiency

Webinar Title: BHP's Olympic Dam mine: improving stope design and efficiency Duration: 28 minutes Description: Hear how BHP is improving the efficiency of their Olympic Dam mine. Evan Jones, Principal [...]

LKAB’s Kiruna mine: inspecting seismic event damage

Swedish mining giant LKAB suffered a significant seismic event at their Kiruna iron ore mine. Before they were able to restart operations, they needed to gain a complete understanding of [...]

Evolution’s Mungari Gold mine improves stope design and reconciliation

Webinar Title: Evolution’s Mungari Gold Mine Improves Stope Design and Reconciliation Duration: 21 minutes Description: Hear how Mungari Gold operation replaced its CMS with Hovermap, and capture rich stope data [...]

Deploying and operating Hovermap in underground excavations

Webinar Title: Deploying and operating Hovermap in underground excavations Duration: 30 minutes Description: Hear from Unmanned Aerial Services Inc, experts in scans and inspection in underground mining operations. They will [...]

Using Hovermap data in Deswik.AdvSurvey

Webinar Title: Using Hovermap data in Deswik Duration: 21 minutes Description: In July 2020, we partnered with Deswik to help mining companies incorporate the high-quality data captured with Hovermap into [...]

Enabling the Digital Mine of the Future

Get a glimpse of what the digital mine of the future could be   Webinar Title: Enabling the Digital Mine of the Future through autonomous underground data capture Duration: 10 [...]

Mexican Market: Introducción a Hovermap con PrecisionGPS

Participe con nosotros en este webinar con PrecisionGPS, nuestro distribuidor recién designado para México. En esta sesión aprenderá cómo mejorar la productividad y la seguridad de sus operaciones usando tecnología [...]

Adopting LiDAR technology in AEC: Lessons from avid users

Learning how to quickly leverage new technologies is key to keeping your company working efficiently and ensure your company remains competitive. That’s why we’re bringing you an insider’s guide on [...]

Mapping historical sites to mining sites – Turning LiDAR data into valuable insights

Emesent partner, AMKVO, delivers drone and remote sensing services throughout Sweden. Having performed more than 25,000 flights, Alex Paulusson, AMKVO CEO, will share insights how they are using Hovermap in [...]

Smarter Lidar Technology for AEC: Building a more accurate BIM with Hovermap

In this webinar, you will learn how Hovermap point cloud data can be used to generate more accurate BIMs for infrastructure and construction projects. Our speakers will share data capture [...]

Smarter Lidar Technology for Infrastructure & AEC: better data, greater insights

Webinar on using Hovermap for data capture and analysis of infrastructure and construction projects, featuring Eric Bennett from EROCK, Bill Gutelius from Qntfi, Scott Harrigan from Harkin and Michael Quan […]

Hovermap: Enabling Autonomous LiDAR Mapping in Challenging, Inaccessible Areas

In this webinar hosted by Commercial UAV News, we will provide an overview of Hovermap and show use cases from various industries including underground mining, infrastructure, survey and mapping.

Autonomy Level 2

Emesent CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Stefan Hrabar and Product Manager, Peter Dickinson will dive deep into the key features and getting set up and using Autonomy Level 2 for Hovermap.

Hovermap for Forestry

Find out how Hovermap solves the problem of data capture in challenging under canopy forestry environments   Webinar Title: Hovermap for Forestry - Overview And Use Cases Duration: 60 minutes [...]

Hovermap – Overview and use cases

Overview of Hovermap and its revolutionary applications in the Mining, Infrastructure and Survey & Mapping industries.

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