Emesent is a drone autonomy and data analytics spin-out from CSIRO’s Data61. After raising $4.5 million in venture capital to commercialise its first product, Hovermap, Emesent was launched in November 2018.

The first funding round was led by Main Sequence Ventures, which manages the CSIRO Innovation Fund, and Andy Greig from ACAC Innovation.

Directed by Stefan Hrabar and Farid Kendoul, former researchers from CSIRO’s Data61, Emesent is now commercialising their revolutionising award-winning drone autonomy technology.

With multiple applications across several industries, Hovermap and our other solutions are being used commercially for a variety of applications by enterprise customers in Australia, US, Canada, China and Japan.



The cross section of expertise at Emesent is truly extraordinary, spanning from roboticists and engineers to business development experts. Although our talents may be diverse, our passion is the same, to deliver revolutionary efficiency, safety and operational insights in challenging environments.


Stefan has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and he has been adding sensing and autonomy to drones for over 17 years. Stefan has extensive experience in vision and lidar-based UAV obstacle avoidance, UAV path planning algorithms, UAV mission planning tools, and 3D visualisation of UAV-collected data.

Dr Stefan Hrabar

Co-Founder & CEO

Farid has a PhD in System Technologies from the University of Technology of Compiegne (UTC), France. He has over 15 years experience in R&D, integration and field testing of dependable autonomy technologies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

Dr Farid Kendoul

Co-Founder & CTO


Dr Glenn Wagner

Senior Research Scientist

Ben Wilson

Mechatronics Engineer

Dr Jeremy Sofonia

Solution Manager - Chief Pilot

Duncan Palmer

Senior Robotics Engineer

Peter Milani

Senior Robotics Engineer